Sara Gustafson is a CHEK certified exercise coach, holistic nutritionist, and spiritual counselor in whole body integrative wellness with over a decade of experience in research and clinical application. She holds advanced certifications through the International Sports Science Association, Penn Foster and the CHEK Institute, having completed custom design courses in sport-specific conditioning, fitness and structural assessments, scientific core conditioning, back training and program design for individual body composition and strength training.  She uses her knowledge of body mechanics to integrate a unique style of coaching that is rarely found under one umbrella.

She specializes in the metaphysical correlations with physical symptoms, health and athletic ability as well as the sociocultural influences on lifestyle habits and choices. She applies the science of mindfulness to access values and determine specific, attainable goals through a comprehensive system of questionnaires, health assessments, and 1-1 counseling.

Sara endorses and implements holistic nutritional therapies based on the Metabolic Typing© method, discovering your intuitive needs with the Primal Pattern© and designs protocols using the David Getoff food pyramid or a solid Paleo Diet© foundation. Her passion reveals itself through her proficiency in interrelational cause and effect relationships of meridians, glands, organs, and each of the 12 systems of the body, and the correlation of a person’s unique, physical construction to their mental-emotional capacities allows her to calibrate definitive and customized programs for her clients.

Sara is also the former Operations Director for Paleo f(x), the largest Paleo conference in the world, which is based out of Austin.  You can also see more of Sara’s content in Paleo Magazine, and Paleo Movement Magazine.  She is a former nutritional consultant and blogger for Paleo on the Go, as well as a contributor for Mark Sisson's online Health Coach certification and blog.  She is an expert educator, and counselor for the Primal90 program at Rebel Health Tribe, where she is also a contributing content writer.

You can read statements from Sara's clients to learn more about her work by clicking here.