Sara Gustafson CEC, CHN, HLC III

Director of Women's Health
Ambassador of Authenticity


Visionary thought leader, authenticity expert, and truth seeking provocateur Sara Gustafson sparks healing + transformation through her powerful life coaching and holistic wellness programs. A champion for radical self-care who has embraced the empowered divine feminine within, Sara boldly inspires positive change that leads to ultimate wellbeing through intimate conversations, weaving insightful humor with uncomfortable truths.

Her courageous writing, perceptive speaking, dynamic coaching and uplifting teaching, invites us to discover our deepest truth, ignite healing and live our lives with passion and purpose.

As a survivor of chronic illness, sexual assault, bullying, and depression, who spent her entire childhood in and out of doctors offices and hospitals, it was through the gateway of intolerable suffering that Sara invoked her own radical metamorphosis and unearthed her life’s work to help others shift out of pain into radiant wellness.

Holding advanced certifications through the International Sports Science Association, Penn Foster and the CHEK Institute, Sara’s whole body approach to wellness as a corrective exercise coach, nutritionist and spiritual counselor, emerged out of fifteen years research and clinical application in the health, healing, and fitness industry.

An avid learner and voracious reader with a comprehensive education in sport-specific conditioning, fitness, clinical orthopedic assessments, scientific core conditioning and strength training, Sara employs a unique body of knowledge to discover metaphysical correlations with physical symptoms so she can help her clients transform pain and suffering into harmony and renewal.

The former Operations Director for Paleo f(x), the largest Paleo conference in the world and Female Empowerment Founder of “Women Who Raise Hell” is an expert educator who is available for speaking engagements, workshops, panel discussions, wellness programming, podcasts and writing assignments.

Her specialties include:

● Intuitive strengthening and healing, cognitive behavioral training
● Women’s Health, Prenatal to Postnatal health, nutrition and fitness
● Metaphysical correlations with physical symptoms & chronic illness
● Hormone & Stress related disease, weight challenges and pain conditions
● Holistic recovery for anxiety, depression and mood disorders
● Sociocultural influences on lifestyle, health and habits
● Integrative exercise programming & structured movement therapy for recovery, performance, health, healing, and wellness.

Explore more of Sara’s engaging content in Paleo Magazine, Paleo Movement Magazine online, Paleo on the Go, Mark Sisson’s Primal Blueprint & Health Coach blog, as a guest health coach for the Rebel Health Tribe & Primal 90, as well as on her own website Austin Primal Fitness.

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