I flew from San Francisco to Austin to work with Aleks and Sara--they are incredible. I highly recommend their services to people with recurring injuries and chronic pain.
Eli Helfman, San Francisco CA


I had a hip injury limiting my ability to perform and advance in  jiu jitsu, and all I wanted was to just feel good enough to compete. I had grown tired of the traditional health care model that simply deals with symptoms and never addresses the underlying root causes. After talking with Aleks, it was clear to me that he had a passion for educating his clients. After I began working with him I learned that injuries are seldom localized issues. There is typically an underlying problem that goes unseen by the majority of well-intentioned practitioners who do not examine your gait, structural alignment, mobility, diet, lifestyle, emotional state, or anything else that could be potentially relevant on a systemic and energetic level. Aleks did this, and it  not only addressed my injury immediately, it opened my mind to so many different ways of approaching training, nutrition, work, rest, spirituality, love…..my life has been permanently impacted. I came to him with an injury because I heard he’s the best, and that’s true… I no longer have the injury. What I didn’t know is that I’d leave with something new;  a dream. I’ve taken the first steps towards realizing that dream.  I am so thankful that we got into this part of the coaching together.  I look at the balance of my life here on Earth so differently now. I could not be more thankful. Working with Aleks has been the spark I needed to take my life back and learn how to truly be at peace.  He’s inspired a newfound passion for knowledge that I am thankful to have in my life.

Casey Champagne, Austin TX

I was challenged with some muscle imbalances and bloating, and having followed the CHEK Institute for a while, I specifically looked for a CHEK practitioner and luckily found Aleks and Sara at Primal Fusion. It’s rare to find practitioners at this level and was extremely impressed with how through the intake exams, evaluations and assessments were. No stone is unturned in gathering information, and just in that process I had several “light bulbs” go off because these were questions and measurements no one had ever asked or taken. All I can say is that this is very, deeply, integratively thorough work.

Chris Habgood, Austin TX


Dear Sara, thanks to you and your coaching I am now medication free! I thought for the longest time that i could not control my symptoms and i would forever be on medication. But that has changed! The meditation and natural lifestyle approaches you taught me have done the job!!!! As crazy as anyone would even say that is or think even possible, IT IS! And I am so grateful for finding you and following your graceful, humorous, and patient guidance! Thank you so much!

Rebecca Baquera, Austin TX

One of a kind. You will not find anything like NST or anyone like Aleks. I’ve tried almost everyone in Austin and they don’t even come close to the depth of practice he shares.
Teo Ledesma (Personal Trainer) Austin TX


Game changer, life changer, so happy and relieved to have found this style of holistic therapy. #byechronicpain
Blakeley Camp (Onnit), Austin TX


I was referred to Primal Fusion by Paul Chek. That alone would have been my first clue, and it should be yours (if you know anything about the guy). I showed up with a few problems that I wanted a high-level practitioner to address because I felt they were so deeply rooted it could only take someone like a CHEK Practitioner to fix. But everyone who thinks about hiring Aleks or Sara simply because of the prestige behind their credentials should know what I had to learn; they don’t magically erase your problems for you. You need to be ready to learn a shit-ton about yourself and be armed with a willingness to do the work they prescribe. This isn’t a garage gym or chiropractors office where you’re in and then out. They study you from every angle, all of your problem(s), and they have you study with them. You’re going to get a lot more than you might think, and for some people that will be a shock. Some people want to come in and get their shoulder fixed and just leave. Aleks can (and will) fix your shoulder. But be ready. He’s not a superficial practitioner, and if you can invest in his time then I highly recommend that you do. It’s the difference between getting an adjustment every two weeks with a chiropractor and…. Literally … getting a new life and loving everything about it.

Michael, Austin TX


Sara Gustafson is an incredible healer who has magically guided me to the seat of my soul, where I can confidently embrace my gifts and experience joy in life by sharing with the world!! She has incredible methods and practices of healing the mind and body as one. I began working with Sara because I felt stuck in the pathologies of anxiety, confusion, and fear and limited by the medical practice of simply prescribing more medications to numb it all. Sara taught me how to be with my emotions, transform fear into courage, and accept and utilize every experience in my life as a driving force to also help others. I love you sara! You’re changing the world!

Rhodes Faraday, CA


There’s so much information out there that it’s very hard to filter through it all to find out what is legit and how to incorporate healthy eating habits into everyday life. Enter, Sara Gustafson, a highly knowledgeable health, fitness, and holistic mind expert whose passion is to help us all adapt to healthy lifestyles and live our happiest lives authentically. Sara’s immense knowledge wrapped in her passion helps her to educate and inspire her clients and listeners. Sara’s intuitive demeanor allows her to connect to clients easily. She is a skilled listener and fabulous communicator who truly cares about her clients. Overall, Sara’s passion for her craft and devotion to her clients makes her stand out from the crowd and I’m thrilled to get my health guidance from her!

Nikki, San Francisco, CA


“Through Sara's coaching I have learned that a singular approach to weight loss and a healthy lifestyle is unworkable in the long term. Sara is very knowledgeable in all aspects of her programs. She is wonderful and I would highly recommend her for anyone who is ready to change his or her body, approach to nutrition and mind set.”

Kathy, Austin TX


“Since having my third child, I suffered from migraine headaches four to seven days a week. They started during my pregnancy so I blamed them on hormones, even after they continued well into his second year of life. It was a fairly debilitating condition that was precluding me from going outside and exercising and causing me to consume a lot of anti-inflammatories just to get by each day. Sara had always suggested that I attempt a gluten free diet to see if it alleviated some of the digestive issues I had, but I was never ready to take the leap. One day, I decided to challenge myself to eight weeks of gluten free eating.

After about two weeks, the migraines were completely gone. I couldn’t believe it! I suddenly started to feel so much better – more energy, focused and greater interest in exercise. As I started to exercise more, Sara provided me with guidance on other tweaks I could try to my diet to see how they affected me. Her advice has been nothing short of amazing. I never was an “unhealthy” eater by any means, but I have taken nutrition to a whole new level. I’ve also dropped 21 lbs in 14 weeks solely by changing my input (food) and increasing my output (running).

Sara’s knowledge of nutrition, exercise and the relationship all these have on physical and mental well-being is impressive. I’m so grateful to have her expertise at my fingertips. It can’t say thank you enough!!”

Jeannine Henderson, Davis CA


Alex is amazing! He has provided incredible work for me twice; once when recovering from a heel-hook related injury and once for some over-use recovery. He is incredible! I highly recommend his services.

Charlotte Dorothy, Austin TX


Alex did some neurosomatic work on me for pain I had from an injury and not only did I finally get the relief and recovery I needed, I also found a huge benefit in mental clarity and how my body feels and functions. I highly recommend Aleks and his work! I got far more than I was expecting.

Trevor Colm, Austin TX


Meet Your body pain expert! Alex is a healing machine. He takes the holistic approach to health, fitness ,body pain, nutrition to be sure you walk out the door million times better than when you walked in. As much as he knows about human performance , various body pain issues, he never goes over your head in his explanations and listens to you intently with a powerful sense of purpose. I wish every caregiver could be so reliable relatable and effective!

Diana Szekely, Los Angeles CA


In only a few sessions with Aleks, I saw nearly a complete elimination of back pain from which I had suffered for almost 15 years. He also taught me a great deal about proper weight lifting form and programming. I highly recommend his services to anyone with chronic pain or looking to optimize their training routines. As a functional health practitioner, I do much of the same work as Sara Eye. That being said, her expertise and focus on the mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects of health are second-to-none and she has been a huge help to me and my own personal development. I confidently send clients her way for this type of invaluable coaching with full confidence.

Michael R. from San Diego, CA


I've been athletic for most of my life but working with Sara took things to a whole new level. She was personal, intentional, and really motivating. I appreciated her take on holistic health and would recommend her to anyone!

Sarah H. from Marble Falls, TX


My Name is Trina Mandola. I would like to share my journey with you about working with Sara. My journey with Sara began in August of 2013. I call it a “journey” because it was and still is a wonderful process. I am the kind of person who believes in signs and when I met Sara I was struggling with my health and my weight. I started noticing a pain in my left hand which left like arthritis. I also was at my all -time high in my weight. I knew I needed to make some serious changes in my lifestyle. CLICK HERE to read Trina's transformation story!

Trina Mandola, Driftwood, TX


When I first saw Aleks I was experiencing pain in my hips and one of my legs which was discouraging me from exercising. After a few sessions, my hips and knees (and legs in general) felt much better, which made exercise more enjoyable. Aleks gave me helpful advice, including showing me stretches I could do on my own, and was very encouraging. I highly recommend seeing him!

Laurie S. from Marco Island, FL


I was introduced to Aleks by a mutual friend and a respected Physician Colleague during recent trip to Chicago.  I’m a Board certified neurologist, and a patient myself who’s been dealing with headaches and TMJ issues for over a decade.  I had no knowledge of Neuro-somatic therapy, and after briefly learning about it, was interested in trying it for my headaches and TMJ  grinding. I only had time for a 25 minute session. Deep pressure over tight fascial points wasn’t comfortable, but well worth the result. I couldn’t believe that after a decade, and being evaluated by multiple specialists, my teeth clicking and grinding was completely gone, and still is 5 weeks later.  This is truly hard to believe! My headaches are significantly better as well.

Andrew Medvedovsky, MD From Pennsylvania


If anyone out there is dealing with neck, back or any type of pain there is relief out there for you! I have suffered with neck pain for years with no relief from chiropractic care, acupuncture, and physical therapy. Recently I was introduced to neurosomatic therapy. Very reluctant at first only because it’s new and I didn’t know much about it. I went for three sessions and I left feeling like a new person. All my neck compression was releived! I had no pain for two months and recently went back for one session with relief again.

Donna Rashkow, Chicago, IL


I’ve had lower back pain for years. I’ve tried different exercises, went to see a chiropractor few times to relieve some pain but it was just temporary. I was so tired of a constant back pain. When I met Aleks I was hoping he would tell me where is the problem, and he did! I was amazed at how fast I got relief. After one visit I was pain free and my back never felt better! Thank you Aleks!

Paula Zachowicz from Dekalb, IL



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