Michael R. from San Diego, CA:

In only a few sessions with Aleks, I saw nearly a complete elimination of back pain from which I had suffered for almost 15 years. He also taught me a great deal about proper weight lifting form and programming. I highly recommend his services to anyone with chronic pain or looking to optimize their training routines. As a functional health practitioner, I do much of the same work as Sara Eye. That being said, her expertise and focus on the mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects of health are second-to-none and she has been a huge help to me and my own personal development. I confidently send clients her way for this type of invaluable coaching with full confidence.

Sarah H. from Marble Falls, TX:

I've been athletic for most of my life but working with Sara took things to a whole new level. She was personal, intentional, and really motivating. I appreciated her take on holistic health and would recommend her to anyone!

Trina Mandola, Driftwood, TX:

My Name is Trina Mandola. I would like to share my journey with you about working with Sara. My journey with Sara began in August of 2013. I call it a “journey” because it was and still is a wonderful process. I am the kind of person who believes in signs and when I met Sara I was struggling with my health and my weight. I started noticing a pain in my left hand which left like arthritis. I also was at my all -time high in my weight. I knew I needed to make some serious changes in my lifestyle. CLICK HERE to read Trina's transformation story!

Laurie S. from Marco Island, FL:

When I first saw Aleks I was experiencing pain in my hips and one of my legs which was discouraging me from exercising. After a few sessions, my hips and knees (and legs in general) felt much better, which made exercise more enjoyable. Aleks gave me helpful advice, including showing me stretches I could do on my own, and was very encouraging. I highly recommend seeing him!

Andrew Medvedovsky, MD From Pennsylvania:

I was introduced to Aleks by a mutual friend and a respected Physician Colleague during recent trip to Chicago.  I’m a Board certified neurologist, and a patient myself who’s been dealing with headaches and TMJ issues for over a decade.  I had no knowledge of Neuro-somatic therapy, and after briefly learning about it, was interested in trying it for my headaches and TMJ  grinding. I only had time for a 25 minute session. Deep pressure over tight fascial points wasn’t comfortable, but well worth the result. I couldn’t believe that after a decade, and being evaluated by multiple specialists, my teeth clicking and grinding was completely gone, and still is 5 weeks later.  This is truly hard to believe! My headaches are significantly better as well.

Christina Moss from Elmhurst, IL:

When I first met Aleks about two years ago, I was really in what I’ll call a “workout rut”.  I had recently given birth to my second child and I just didn’t really know what I needed to do to feel like myself again. I had a gym membership, and I actually went to the gym several days a week for the typical cardio, maybe some weight lifting, a class here and there – but I was so bored.  When he approached me, it really was just on a whim that I agreed to train with him, figuring that it couldn’t hurt to try something new.  To be honest, I kind of figured that I would train with him once a week, and then do whatever it was that I was already doing the rest of the week and that he would just be like a supplement in my schedule.  Little did I know that he would actually be taking over all of my workouts and my “one day a week” was never a thought that crossed his mind at all.   I liked him immediately, for a lot of reasons, but for me it was his humor and his persistence that kept me showing up 3 days a week.

I know that I was not the model client in the beginning.  I literally had the worst balance ever.  My center of gravity was all off, and I would fall down pretty much anytime he gave me anything to do that required steps.  After we were both done laughing at how klutzy I was, he would make me continue to do the same exercise, never relenting. I also had fairly consistent pain in my right shoulder that was associated with an injury years earlier, so that limited what I wanted to do with that arm when it came to lifting. I whined, I complained, I told him I hated him.  He would just look at me with this expression of “that’s fine, but you are still going to do this”.  He really would never back down.   Based on my observations at the gym, I could tell he was not like all of the other trainers.  Most of them had their canned workouts for all of their clients and you would see different people doing the same routines over and over.  Aleks always customized my workouts for me, because his view is that what I need and what someone else needs is different, so why would we be doing the same things?  He used to talk about how he really just wanted to help people, and how when one of his clients were showing progress or feeling better, how good that would make him feel.   He is very passionate about what he does and the reasons behind why he does it.

I am one of those rare people that has always liked to exercise.  Its good stress relief, which as a mom of two I really need.  Once I got into a regular routine with Aleks, it wasn’t even like working out anymore.  It was like I was going to hang out with my friend.  We would laugh, he would make fun of me, I would make fun of him, there would be some yelling, we’d listen to whatever new music that either one of us was into at the time, and it was just fun.  It was like an hour a day that I didn’t have to think about kids or chores or work and I could just focus on what I needed.  When Aleks decided that he wanted to go and take these Paul Chek classes, of course I supported him.  I think continuing your education is great, especially if it’s something you love to do.  Also, I knew that he was going to be gone for a week or sometimes two at a time, and I would get a break and get to do whatever work out that I wanted to do!  Which sounded great in theory, but after about 3 days, I was ready for him to come back.   When he did come back, right after his first class, I could see this change in him.  He was so excited about what he had learned and how to apply it.  Every time we would work out I could literally see his brain working thinking of new things.  The more classes he attended, the more he would evolve and grow and learn – which is a really amazing thing to see, because it’s not very often in life that you get to see someone actually realize their dreams in front of you.  For Aleks, he has always had a good solid base and identity of who he is and what is important to him, but these courses gave more meaning to the things he already believed.  It allowed him to expand on what he was doing.  It was not just about working out anymore, it became about understanding why I did thing that I did, examining where pain I was having stemmed from, and endless conversations about diet and health.

I was just along for the ride, because whatever he learned, it seemed to benefit me.  I could go see him and say “gosh, my hip hurts today” and somehow he would figure out that the pain in my hip was actually coming from my knee.  He started to be able to just look at people and know what was wrong by instinct.  He would talk endlessly about how muscles worked together and uses terms that I still don’t understand but I don’t admit that to him I just let him talk, because its cool to see him excited.  The best thing is that he practices what he preaches.  He could go on for days about nutrition and what you should be eating, but he lives it as well.  He really believes in this holistic lifestyle and balance and he has seen first-hand what the effects are if you just change a few things.  If you are willing to see the potential gain, and trust him, you will see a difference.

As far as my experience goes, I feel like as he has changed, so have I.  It’s impossible to spend as much time with someone as I do with Aleks, and not have some of it sink in.  I used to view working out as a necessary evil, and the word diet as a bad word.  Now, I view working out as not something I am just doing for my body and how I want to live today – but for how I want to feel in 20 years.  I still think that diet is a bad word – but that’s mostly because I don’t believe in dieting anymore.  I think that you actually need to change your way of looking at food and just make it part of your lifestyle to eat healthier.  Don’t get me wrong, I am never going to give up cheeseburgers or pizza, but 90% of the time I do my best to make the right choices.  Not just for me, but for my two little boys who need examples on how to be healthy.   I also don’t live with this chronic shoulder pain anymore.  It used to be that once the winter came and went I was in excruciating pain because the cold really affected my arm.  I am going on my 3rd winter with Aleks and I have not experienced anything like that since I met him.  Not only that, but I can come in and tell him I have a headache or low back pain and he can help me get rid of it.  I have this complete level of trust in him that he knows what he is doing and that has not steered me wrong.   And the best part – I am not so much of a klutz anymore!  I actually have a better sense of balance which is amazing.  Of course I still have days where I tell him I hate him, and I have probably experienced more physical pain with him than anything I have experienced before, but I can honestly say that knowing him has greatly enriched my life.  He is very calming and positive, when he’s not being sarcastic.  LOL!  He truly has helped me in ways I don’t even think he knows, and I really am appreciative for what he has taught me over the years.

Tammy Bendoff from Northbrook, IL:

After more than two years of going to a gym and working out five or more days per week for over an hour each workout, I had hit a plateau and wasn’t seeing any results. How could it be that I was working so hard and still not losing weight? Since each of us is unique and our bodies respond differently, I decided a one-on-one approach might be the answer for me. After doing extensive research and looking for other workout options and trainers, I found Aleks. I contacted him and he responded immediately. I told him what I was looking for and he told me what he had to offer. We set up an initial consultation and talked for almost 90 minutes. I knew after 5 minutes that he was the trainer for me. Aleks is so easy to talk to, has a great sense of humor and is so calming to be around! He never makes you feel uncomfortable or silly for not knowing things. He has no gimmicks. He is all about the individual. He took me back to the basics and spent the time to make sure my form was correct for each exercise. Aleks’ knowledge of health goes way beyond exercise! When I took his nutrition advice in addition to the changes to my exercises, I began to see results immediately. I started losing weight but I also felt a huge difference from my workout. I began to get more toned and was burning more calories. I have cut my workout time in half and I’m getting better results. The interest he takes in your overall health is amazing! He never rushes me. If he has extra time at the end of my session, he will keep on going. He has explained to me repeatedly that I will eventually be doing my workout at a health club. He wants me to learn how to do this on my own and doesn’t want me to be dependent on him. Aleks has been available to answer questions. I even sent him a picture of a holiday meal and he told me what I should eat and what I should avoid! I always look forward to my sessions. I am attached to my phone 24×7 but for two hours each week, I tune it all out and concentrate on me to the backdrop of Aleks’ extensive music collection. It is one of the most amazing feelings. Aleks pushes me just enough, while always remaining positive, encouraging and peaceful. The change in my workout routine and seeing inches and weight coming off has made me more relaxed and focused. I’m getting stronger every day and I have peace of mind knowing I’m on the right path. Aleks is constantly furthering is education and knowledge. If he doesn’t know the answer to something, you can be sure he will find out. I can’t thank Aleks enough for what he has done for me. I am truly grateful from the bottom of my heart. He is humble, sincere and authentic. Aleks is more than a trainer, he is a life coach and I am lucky to have him as mine! I look forward to what is still to come!

Mark Williams from Schaumburg, IL:

I met Aleks at Lifetime Fitness roughly 2 years ago. He is a top level personal trainer who is very educated in his field. As a trainer he showed me how to work out smart and eliminate some pointless exercises. This was very helpful. I have used a few different trainers over the years and I enjoyed my time with every one of them. One of my top level trainers who I worked with for 2 months straight decided that I needed a few sessions with Aleks to take care of my knee problem and a few other issues as well. Two sessions with him and I was a new man. Aleks brings some very different things to the table that nobody else does which is why my trainer recommended that I see him. If you have bad knees for example you can spend countless hours doing exercises to improve them. This is a very good thing to do. Aleks does a complete evaluation of your body and figures out where you need help. Then he works on your problem areas until the problems are gone. “Massage” is not the word for it. It is even more intense than a deep tissue massage but the result is total freedom of movement. It is really quite amazing. When you take care of your problem areas with Aleks working out is easier, the results are better and you will be more apt to get in the gym regularly. Besides this technique he also is very knowledgeable in other areas such as nutrition and Tai Chi. Besides all of these great attributes I can honestly say that he is a very nice person and I consider him a good friend.

Donna Rashkow, Chicago, IL:

If anyone out there is dealing with neck, back or any type of pain there is relief out there for you! I have suffered with neck pain for years with no relief from chiropractic care, acupuncture, and physical therapy. Recently I was introduced to neurosomatic therapy. Very reluctant at first only because it’s new and I didn’t know much about it. I went for three sessions and I left feeling like a new person. All my neck compression was releived! I had no pain for two months and recently went back for one session with relief again.

Paula Zachowicz from Dekalb, IL:

I’ve had lower back pain for years. I’ve tried different exercises, went to see a chiropractor few times to relieve some pain but it was just temporary. I was so tired of a constant back pain. When I met Aleks I was hoping he would tell me where is the problem, and he did! I was amazed at how fast I got relief. After one visit I was pain free and my back never felt better! Thank you Aleks!

Irene Schreiner from Schaumburg, IL:

Thanks for working on my neck! This is the longest stretch of days without head aches that I’ve had since the car accident.


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