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  • Cognitive-Behavioral techniques are used to help you peel back layers of conditioned beliefs that continue to interfere with health and fitness goals, as well as personal growth and happiness.

  • This specialized Mind-Body Coaching and spiritual counseling focuses on helping you bring more intuitive awareness to your body, mind and spirit through intentional thought practice, and mindful stress management techniques.

  • Based on your goals, we will work to untie specific stress triggers and thought processes so that you can advance forward through any plateaus.

  • First time clients start with the 4-hour program which can be spaced out between 5 to 10 weeks and scheduled in advance and paid in two parts (read more here). After completion, each session can be scheduled as needed and pay-as-you-go.

  • Online membership is an essential way to stay on track in between appointments, as well as maintain the healing momentum after our work together by attending live coaching calls, and following challenges and personal growth work for individuals and couples online. (read more here)




  • These intensive programs are designed with a holistic approach to health, happiness, stress management and conflict resolution

  • Intensives are a 3-month or up to 6-month program to help individuals and/ or couples overcome chronic health issues, mood disorders, disease, addiction, and obesity that cause conflict in relationships and sabotage their goals.

  • Work and self-paced exercises are given to clients to complete and practice in between appointments and are necessary to accomplish the goals of the program.

  • Exercises are taught and guided to help identify conditioned beliefs and social, cultural programming that can be the root causes of dis-ease and conflict.

  • Appointments are offered via phone or Skype remotely, or 1-1 in person and are pre-scheduled at the start of the program


For more information, follow this link to our programs.


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